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What do you stand for? It all starts with belief. In some “thing.” In some “one.” 1NiteStand.org started as an idea that social responsibility can be easy. That so much can happen in just 1 nite, with collective action. We challenge you to take a stand for the things that you believe in. Imagine what you can accomplish with just a small effort that could make a difference out there to someone in need.

We’re excited to feature a few awesome partners in our launch phase that are doing just this. We’ll show you their stories for inspiration.


Leave a comment and tell us what you stand for. We’re in this together. You never know how far 1 idea can go.

2 Responses

  1. I’d love for everyone to think about what they purchase and whether or not a mass produced item is really the answer. It’d be great if more people appreciated the handiwork that comes with a handmade object. It’d be even better if everyone knew how to make something with their hands!

  2. Every coffee or cacao bean – like any food product – comes from the earth. Earth that is cultivated by a human being – with a heart and a soul.

    Every one of us has to eat. Imagine what could happen if we dug deeper than our local supermarket to find ways we could upgrade the status of low-paid (or in some countries slave) laborers, and create a sustainable, natural way of feeding earth’s population.

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